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UGears Game Master’s Screen

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A Game Master’s Screen is a long-awaited solution for all fans of table RPGs. The kit is easily assembled, does not require any special tools or glue, and features several spare parts as well. Once assembled, it is very easy to carry around and keep all the game sheets in. The panels fold and unfold with ease making enough space on the game table and securely holding your cheat sheets for you and displaying printout images on its front panels for the other players. This set, however, holds one more secret.

One thing is certain, with the UGears Game Master’s Screen you can focus on making each game pleasurable and memorable for everyone involved.

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UGears Card Holder, UGears Modular Dice Tower, UGears Game Master’s Screen, UGears Deck Box

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How UGears Game Master’s Screen Works

When folded, the screen resembles a large book that unfolds into 2, to 4 panels that can be easily set up in an upright position to accommodate cheat sheets of standard size: A4 or 8.5″ x 11″. The size of the screen can be easily manipulated, with its panels folding in just one easy motion with the help of the sliding lock mechanisms on top.

The highlight of this set, however, is a dice tower that at first glance looks like a book back when the set is folded. It is a perfect secret feature that the game master can use to create some drama at the table and throw the die in secret not revealing the results right away.

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Weight: 2.59 lbs

Dimensions: 14.9 × 6.7 × 2 in

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