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UGears Dice Keeper

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Dice Keeper is a great set for all tabletop games fans not only because it helps players keep their dice in check and easy to carry around at any time, but also because it features a little mechanical secret that lets you focus on the game while bringing some style to the table.

Designed for game dice, this set boasts immaculate detail that can make it a great and quite universal decorative element for storing tiny trinkets, jewelry, or miniature souvenirs.

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How UGears Dice Keeper Works

Shaped like a cube, this model features whimsical fantasy ornaments on the sides and is made of natural eco-friendly wood. Its assembly doesn’t require the use of glue. With its two sides sliding open, Dice Keeper is designed to accommodate 8 dice in a compact and elegant manner. This set’s key feature is, however, is the mechanism inside the cube that keeps each dice in its slot while keeping the sides of the cube firmly shut.

Dice Keeper perfectly fulfills its two functions: it is an exciting set to assemble due to the gear mechanism and is an enviable and unique game accessory.

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